Sometimes basic elements are pertinent recognizable or these are drawn forward. In other sculptures the elements point to a new form of construction, close to becoming a model. In this series the human is - as creator or created - more present.

dated 2013 until 2014 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Some glass / does not serve to look-through / but for reflection. // The stakes / and the spring / are there / to distract the spectator.

building on the move


Once this building / decides to move / it goes straight / and cannot take / sharp curves. // The glass / serves for reflection / of externalities.

Easle with canvas and head


This head remains silent / since letters are no words. / Once placed upon an easel / knowing to be watched /  words falls short. // Not ever was silence / as golden.

Black Wheel


Black Wheel: The hardness stored / in a black wheel / cuts though iron. / And may, / if the needle finds the right groove / touch the soul / past marrow and bone. // Dedicated to a great assemblageist / sculptor, Sir Anthony Caro



Crossing: No bird is afraid of falling / during it’s flight. // No stone cramps / ahead of being split / once it tumbles / down the mountain. // Wood supports metal / in this mirror.



Framed: A piece of drift-wood found / on the borders of the Rhine / is basic. // Divided in two parts / at unequal height, / of which one / bearing scrap-metal. / Has the frame / it’s own place / and relation / within itself / that is decisive / and determines / the view across / towards the base.



Just-2: First the oak grew / three-four human life-times long. / Was chopped / sawed / and then had to wait. / Grooves and tongue were milled. / This way, a floor was created. / Yet, one piece remained / that lie with dirt / but then was elected. / The tongue and groove were sawed loose / and reconnected / and now / the height is just. This work has been acquired by the International Museum of collage, Assemblage and Construction, Fort Worth, Texas USA

This is our world


This is our world, / and sometimes, it is getting to close, / with it's defensive structures, / and the imminent threat. // If more distance is wanted, / take a binocular / and look at it / from the wrong side.  (one of the artworks selected for the portfolio at

sculpture with wire


This sculpture / does not want to express beauty. / During it's construction / I did my best / to honour this wish. /  Because who am I / other than a follower / of what can't be.   In keeping to the definition, what art of found objects need be, I propose we stick to the rules defined by the following link:



Citizens no longer can leave the war against global warming to governments or politicians. It's time for their own initiatives. Drager Meurtant has created a devise (assemblage) that is effective - in various types - against consequences of global warming. For a complete overview:



I said / now I will build a fact-ohry / and that / became factual. /  With grabbing and placing / elements that together / took progressively the shape / of a fact-ohry / I became part of it. / Could shape the further design / and steer it at minor extent / but the end-result / was determined / by the starting point. / Voila. Note: This Fact-ohry is the only one with guarantee that risks during drilling for shale gass are secured. Thanks to Jozef for the welding or iron parts

The Oil-terminal at Dissension


The Oil-terminal at Dissension: / After one village / a second was build / and as so often / these were two communities / in their belief. / After peevishness / came quarrel / and this raised high / a full five meters. / The arrival of the oil-terminal / changed little / except more fencing. // The bridge does not unite inhabitants / but enables them / to continue on different paths.



Kaptein Mobylette EEG / from halfway the past century / the motorized bicycle / for the ordinary man or women. / This statue / is a tribute / to the generation / that shortly after the war / cleaned up the mess./ With thanks / to the former house-owner / who left this beautiful piece of rust / to us.



Steep-2: The Monte Rotondo / is left standing / it weighs too much / for me. // The climbing rock of Feyr / I leave / to the climbers. // But / this wooden rock / serves as model / of a viewpoint / upon imagination. (wood partly rotten, metal, paint and glass)