• Axon Journal

    Issue 9 Assemblage: Drager Meurtant: Assemblages: the entrails explained. On-line in this open access journal per November 2015

  • colofon If then is now

    artikel journalist Walter van Teeffelen: "De wereld van de Utrechtse kunstenaar, 6 - Drager Meurtant", In Colofon If Then is Now, 20 juni 2016

  • kdoutsiderart

    Independent Art, essay in editie "Redefining Outsider Art" www.kdoutsiderart.com, post van 1 Augustus 2016

  • Axon Journal issue 10

    Issue has focus on disturbances in society, with writings on art, litterature.

    Essay #16 as Drager Meurtant: "What are you telling now"