Continued search how to join elements, still by use of remnants of construction or demolition material, and found objects. Sometimes introduction of collage-material. Matter steers direction and way of fusion. (period June 2017 - )

dated 2016 until 2018 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Crawling, again


How to make connections / of elements and the outside world? The answer to my question / came crawling, again.  

Cubistic dream


Can a dream / be a memory, and if so // depends the format / on the shape of the display? (Temporary sculpture, assemblage)  

Rags, worn-out


"Rags, worn-out / shelter a skeleton / of fixed perceptions" Assemblage, wood, metal, cloths, resin, ashes, sand, paint, brick-powder

When the going gets tough


"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" / is what they say. // We'll see / where I stand.
(assemblage, recycling material (wood, iron dust) and resin, sand and paint)

A difficult state


"Every creation / knows a difficult state / at which the structure / resists change. // To move along the lines / brings man / to the abyss / or not?"  Assemblage, carton, paint, ashes, metal, wood

A barren shelter


"Once in a while / conditions in a shelter / appear more barren / than those outside" assemblage, wood, resin, paint, screws

Movement from within


"When the pieces were seen fit / and fixed in their proper position / the movement was undeniable / as it arose from within." Assemblage (relief), wood, paper, paint, sand (image with frame published on    

Ni-gris (revealed)


If (and when) you are taken apart / to the components that shaped you / this may be seen as enrichment / in as far as reduction may lead to / completion. (original assemblage Ni-gris; disassembled with central part revealed.)

A certain meaning


A certain meaning: "An expression aims to have / a certain meaning. // Yet, when you think / to know the content // then the look will / alter." (Assemblage, wood, cement, paper, cloth, epoxy resin, acryl paint, sawdust, size includes fixed frame)

Progress (halted)


"When going forth / from wood to bronze / and grasping the result / I realized progress had halted. // A result stands in the way / of the learning process." Bronze, based upon earlier wooden assemblage entitled "Progress".