100,000 miles away from nothingness: a search for that phrase, brings a band named 'cult to follow', with a song nicely written, but the opposite from what I want. To imagine - by light-writing - the state of nothingness, that once was. Before we were, before our ancestors were. A state that lasted eons longer than the minutes of our life.

dated 2014 until 2017 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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"You must trust me / that we all care. // But we had to face / certain restrictions"

For the time being


There are some moments / one has to accept / a stand still / for the time being.  (Museum "Het Depot", Wageningen)

Walking sixty-five


"The day I heard / that the poet was with god / or at a similar location, / that day / I did not celebrate my birthday / in view of more urgent matters / such as my nose / running faster than my feet. // Those feet / that thought for me / all day long."

So much to explore


So much to explore: There is still so much / to explore beyond / the borders. // But hungarians are like danes / not allowing anyone / to enter their comfort zone. // Zeus, give me back my Europe / I want it all / to myself.

Without frame


Without frame In an archipelago / of shadowy pools / my feet wear off / on a road / that is not indicated. // Down to the raw / flesh and / the pain tells / there is no end / other than unexpected / destined by hazard, / bloodless, / stationary / and astir. (poem approx 2012)

Bed, bath and bread


Bed, bath and bread: Two-hundred years ago / still, the Dutch and many other countries / plundered large areas of our world. / Now from those plundered countries / refugees drown in the hundreds / and our politicians discuss / whether those rejected should be given / bed, bath and bread.

Protective nothingness


Protective nothingness: The earthern wall / demarcates the excavation / on the left side. // One wonders / what a wall does / in protecting / what's been taken away.

Going down


Going down: A haystack and two buildings defined as barn / waiting for a stronghand / who is able to resurrect. print available as part of limited edition



Shattered: Whether these are memories / or reflections, that does not matter. // When frames crumble /  or even pillars tall / then both memories and reflections / will rumble and fall.       



Forgotten: P: "You forgot something." / Q: "What are you saying?" / P: "You forgot something." / Q: "That's what you think."

The sand turns red


If the sand turns red / it ain't out of shame / or shyness. // It is because it need be.