Since July 1999 there is Tara, mix-retriever, gigantic nose. After 14 years she still looks at me with eyes that tell: I'm loyal as a dog can be, and what do you have for me? Further there is Roef, summer 2000 from shelter, mix (pics will follow) and cats in sequence,

dated 2013 until 2020 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Looking - the other side of the road


"if you want to know your looks / you better stand in front"



no other creature approaches / like a cat

The Audience


"on the way from one place / to another, we rested in a parque / with peacocks / some of which were white"

What way (out of climate crisis)?


limited ed 1/5 german etching quality

Left or right


Our dog Tara visited the Manifesta-9 in Genk (Belgium) /  and the old mine buildings behind. This dog was able / to take her own picture / with self-timer.

This hand


This hand: This hand may stroke / or strike. // This hand may care / or wound. // This hand may summon or reject. // It may compliment / or write you to hell.                     

Born out of foam


Born out of foam: Long ago, / it is said, / the goddess Diana was born / out of foam of the sea. // How true / must this be / since even today / hunting dogs / perform the same act. (Scheveningen beach, NL, May 123th, 2014)

Tara loose


Tara visits the Manifesta in Genk (Belgium, 2012) and the old mine buildings behind: her picture with self-timer

Tara's eyes-1


Seven months old / Tara killed a doe / with her brother Boris / upsetting Jeanine / also visible as www/ / and the question remains / how can she / with such eyes. / The flower / stems from a fuchsia.

Tara eyes-2


At this moment / you see Tara think / how the miraculous locomotive / brings hares to turn / at right angles / and how to intercept. / Aye, these eyes / tell so much

Tara's eyes-3


And now / you see / that Tara / has absolutely / no morbid thought. / The spirit of the spectator / mirrors itself / in her eyes.



Abel / takes seamless/ the place from Tara / with the obvious ease / with which cats / take the world / in their possesion. // Alas, we heard today from a neighbour / after searching for two days /  that Abel (11-05-2008 / adopted from a shelter at 3 months of age / five years later / was hit by a train / August 24th. / We. Jeanine and I, / will miss this buddy.

Queen of Sintra


The Queen of Sintra / has been charmed / by the tomcat of the neighbours / with the rightful name / of Uncle Whiskers. / Now she lies there / as can be expected / with a fat belly.