Objects placed in space: prefer the outer space. Yet, to connect elements with space, also if indoors, is creative challenge

dated 2013 until 2022 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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The female guard


Part of installation "The Imagination" with sculpture The Belly Dancer by George Kabel, in project organized by Possibilize Today / Partofit.

"May I sit next to you?"


temporary installation with found objects



c'est partout / la misère, le bonheur // sans exception / tous ont gagner / une chance / souvent / sans choix. (DM, June 11th, 2020)

Creature with key and creature with slurf


Traveling today


"Traveling today / the road being in poor condition"

In balance


"If balance is at steak / and thoughts stagger / on decisions about / direction and aim // fix a block to your leg"

The Garbage Human


The garbage human  / gathering and consuming / plastic bottles and alu cans / the excreta toxic but no soup / is this the elector of modern mankind. (Note: this is not ART, it is a statement. Part of exhibition Now, the new form of the past, held June 16th - September 9th 2018 in Kunstwerk Liemers Museum, Zevenaar, NL)

Mon Combat


Mon Combat by A. Tempspassé: there is always someone who sees argument to start a battle. (installation of book, metal)

The Mechanic


"with good tools / you get everything moving". installation, wood, iron, paint
At present part of exhibition "Anders", in old Synagogue Buren (NL) from July 19th - August 4th, 2019

The snake kept its mouth shut


“Curling, the snake kept its mouth shut.” (made of trash)



The hills and mountains / are destined to incite us / / to carry us high. // High is better. (painting on discarded radiator with support)

All humans are equal


All humans are equal. // To test this assumption / take two / and tilt the angle / and position towards / one another.

One president's legacy


Some leaders bequeath a 'parque' / library or museum. // Others a law that fit's. // There is now one president / that leaves nothing / but a mess.  

When MirĂ³ met Beuys


"On the day / Joan Miró met Joseph Beuys / no one else was / at the beach / except me.
Both were pleased / by the installation / I dare say." (Beach North Holland province, September 2014)

On Top


Life is a construction / of basic elements. // If these are at place / you might fix a position / on top. (stone, wood, metal, paint)

Someone spoke to me


"You tell me who it was" (temporary sculpture / - installation, recycling)

Two, and four


Two elemental figures / or are these figural elements / become two only when placed together. // Which defines space / that captures the elements. // The elements then, format space. // Space dictates the artist. // Which makes four: elements, space and artist.

The Innocents - 2


When approaching for battle / you do less harm / if you leave your weapons at home / and your head in a mesh.   (Made from trash, recycling art, welding by my brother Wim)

The Embedded Journalist


"War is black and white / them and us / with us being rightful / and them awful. // So what am I doing here / as embedded journalist?" (installation, recycling art)



"who climbs high / is at risk / to fall deep" (steel, iron, plastic)

After the battle


"After the battle / many suffered from / loss of memory / in particular / those without brains left".

Unforeseen, the accident


An accident by definition / is unforeseen / at least by the victim. // When those in power / create an accident / to get rid of an opponent / we rightfully should / call it murder.

Two apart


"Two are considered apart / for the sole reason / that we always want / to see some different"   (Coarse light on spring evening, Vlieland)



Says Harry to June, / Ola, see you didn't come alone? // Well no, answers June / my father and my brother wanted to come along. // Asks Harry, I count five, / who is the tall one with crutches? // The neighbor, answers June, / by name of Drareg, / and he had a single ticket in supply. In passepartout, bronze-colered metal frame behind museum-glass

Days or seconds


Days or seconds: It took 186 days / to create this sculpture. // Or was it seconds? (assemblage, concrete iron; style: temporary sculpture, lasting 1 hour, photograph remains)



Harmless: Wish more people would make / such flying objects. // The world / would be like our garden / this morning. // Sun shining on flowers with bees / and a woodpecker looking / at what woodpeckers look for. Assemblage / installation, wood, iron for concrete constructions, vinyl leather, gauze, wire and paint. (image better depicting the colors at: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/409546159837346488/ for movie: see link)



Puareo: A continent is a mess / with nationalist and populist / dictating the tone / and politicians just eager / to eat the vomit of their voters. Assemblage: wood / canvas / glove / metal / bitumen / paint (dissemblage autumn 2015)  

with a few


The mountains that I encountered, the swamps and gadflies: for millennia nearly unchanged: Once the first people came, or were these Neanderthals. People won, but whether that was the best outcome?

Foundation Help


Foundation Help strives / for all and every / who has no more / than itself / packed in idle hope / without wheelbarrow / sitting in a chair / looking at the horizon.